Membership of The Guild of Young Freemen is open to young people living and working in, or nearby to, the City of London who want to become more involved in the City, its traditions, and the Livery movement. Many of our members progress on to join a Livery Company during their time with the Guild, but it is not a formal requirement nor an expectation that you do so.

In order to be eligible for membership of the Guild, an individual:
• Must be a Freeman of the City of London or an Apprentice to a Freeman of the City of London*
• Must be 18 years of age or above at the time of application
• Must not be above 40 years of age at end of the current calendar year
• Must be proposed and seconded by two Members of the Guild**

(*) Individuals who are not a Freeman of the City of London/Apprentice of the City of London but meet all other criteria listed above may take up Temporary Membership provided that they obtain the Freedom of the City of London within 12 months of their successful application.

(**) Candidates who have no Proposer or Seconder will be asked to attend a Guild event before their application for membership is considered.

Application Process
Individuals seeking membership of the Guild should first signal their interest to the Deputy Clerk for Membership through the Membership Inquiry page.

Following preliminary consideration of their application, candidates will be invited for interview before the Admissions Committee which makes its recommendations to the Court.

Candidates will be informed of the success or otherwise of their application following the next regular Court Meeting, and if successful will be invited to attend the next regular Admission Court for a short joining ceremony.

Freedom of the City of London
There are three ways in which to apply for the Freedom of the City of London: Freedom by Right of Servitude (where an apprentice has served a Full Apprenticeship to a Freeman); Freedom by Right of Patrimony (for children of Freemen where at least one parent was a Freeman prior to the Applicant’s birth); and Freedom by Redemption.

The Freedom by Redemption is the most common method of obtaining the Freedom if you are new to the City of London. Redemptioners are often supported by a Livery Company or other City organisation, and The Guild of Young Freemen is very privileged to count amongst its Members numerous Liverymen, Common Councilmen, and Aldermen who may sponsor such an application and as such we are able to assist those new Members who do not yet have the Freedom of the City of London.

Please note that although the Guild of Young Freemen is able to facilitate applications for the Freedom for those who have been approved for Temporary Membership of the Guild, it is the Chamberlain’s Court which is responsible for the processing of Freedom applications and, as such, all requests must be made directly to the Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court. Membership of the Guild of Young Freemen does not entitle an applicant to the Freedom of the City of London, and if unsuccessful in an application for the Freedom we are unfortunately unable to continue the applicants membership of the Guild.

Applicants are kindly reminded that the Freedom of the City of London does not confer upon the recipient any rights of membership of the Guild of Young Freemen, which remains a privilege granted only by the Court of the Guild.