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Young Livery Inter-Livery Quiz - Friday 11 February - let's get quizzical! 🧐 Teams of up to 6 will compete for intellectual domination during a fun evening bringing together U40 members of various Livery Companies and Guilds. Book or find out more at 🧐
Event for #IWD. @ApothecariesLDN & @medicalwomenuk are jointly hosting an event exploring the issue of #safety for women in #cities. Taking place (hopefully F2F) Apothecaries Hall on International Women's Day 08/03/22.
details and registration :
Missing Guildhall's Northern Lights? Us too. Check out the #Borealis wrap up film for another glimpse at the amazing installation by @Dan_Acher.

Watch hereπŸ‘‰
If you need someone to talk to this #Christmas day, these helplines are open. There's someone at the other end of the phone waiting for your call.

If you're having a mental health crisis, your local NHS urgent helpline is open 24/7. Find their number πŸ‘‰
T’was a sprout before Christmas,
Now here’s a surprise,
Sprouts are really,
Quite good for the eyes,
The vitamins in them, carotenoids too,
Support good vision,
As Spec Makers do!

#DidYouKnow a sprout is about the same size as a human eye?