The Court of Assistants is the Guild’s principal governing body; led by the Master and supported by the Upper, Middle, and Renter Wardens, Officers, and Court Assistants, it acts as the Guild’s executive committee and sets out the agenda of the Guild.

The day-to-day management of the Guild is delegated to the Clerk, who in larger Livery Companies holds the role of Chief Executive. The Court meets regularly throughout the year to undertake its duties in relation to the governing of the Guild and the administration of its social and charitable activities.

The Master, Wardens, and Immediate Past Master

Mr Rhys Jones

The Master

Mr Samuel Chadd

Upper Warden

Ms Grace Abba

Middle Warden

Mr John Lam

Renter Warden

Ms Louise Starling

Immediate Past Master

Mr Anjola Adeniyi

Past Master

Officers of the Court

Mr Jason Frost

Acting Clerk

Mr Reuben Braden-Bell

Deputy Clerk (Events)

Mr Stephen Hodgson

Deputy Clerk (Membership)

Mrs Alice Byrom-Chadd


Mr Thomas Frederick-Robinson


Mr Mark Herbage VR


Assistants to the Court

Mr Liam Randall

Court Assistant

Mr Chris Sanders

Court Assistant

Mr Rafael Leffa

Court Assistant

Dr Milad Sherafati

Court Assistant

Mr Jonathan Hooley

Court Assistant

Honorary Members of the Court

Alderman Timothy Hailes JP

Honorary President

The Rev Henry Eatock-Taylor

Honorary Chaplain

Mr Robert Pinchen

Honorary Court Assistant