September 25, 2022 8:00 am

Fishmongers’ Hall, 110 Upper Thames St., London EC4R 3TJ
8:00am – 6:00pm, Sunday 25th September 2022

The Sheep Drive is a major City event involving some 600+ Freemen of the City of London crossing the bridge with their sheep, raising tens of thousands of pounds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and the Woolmens’ Charitable Trust, and the Guild has a vital part to play in this event. As marshals the Young Freemen will be the public face of the Sheep Drive, leading people across the bridge, dressed in their scarlet robes. Coverage of the event is global with images syndicated across the world.

Please note, for those who have not attended a Sheep Drive before or are bringing guests: participation in this event is as a volunteer marshall, rather than to do a single drive. You (and your guests) will be expected to volunteer for the full duration of the event. Tickets for drive bookings can be made on the official Sheep Drive website:

The event is free for Young Freemen and their guests, and includes breakfast and a hot lunch. A standout event in our year, this event is truly one of a kind and not to be missed.

As with all Guild events, friends, family, and other guests are welcome.
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