July 11, 2023 6:30 pm

The Old Doctor Butler’s Head, 2 Masons Ave, London EC2V 5BT 
6:30pm – 9:00pm, Tuesday 11th July 2023

The Makers of Playing Cards have thrown down the gauntlet and challenged the Young Freemen to a night of fun card games, in the Company’s traditional setting of the Old Doctor Butler’s Head. No prior knowledge of the game, Swedish Pursuit, is required – as their Clerk can testify!

Swedish Pursuit is based on Crazy Eights (also known as Crazy Aces, Nines, Crates, Switch), which is loosely related to UNO, but contains some devilish trick card variations, making it very easy to learn and tremendous fun to play.

Half way through proceedings we will stop for a bite to eat before resuming the games. Members are welcome to remain at the bar for drinks with the Makers of Playing Cards to learn more about their Company after the games conclude. 

The Makers of Playing Cards have also kindly agreed to make available some of their commemorative packs of playing cards to Young Freemen members, which will be available to purchase (for cash only) on the evening.

Guild members are welcome to bring friends, family, and other guests to this event.
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