The Guild has many platforms which the Court uses to keep in contact with the membership. Please use the links below to sign up to those you wish to use. Our events are advertised via the mailing list, WhatsApp, and Facebook page so please ensure you are signed up to these to receive our newsletters and event information.

Mailing List

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The Guild maintains a WhatsApp group for the use of our members, with discussion ranging from events planning and the history of the City to impromptu drinks evenings and pineapple spotting. If you would like to join the group please follow this link on your device:

Please note: we will double check that those who join are Members of the Guild, and you may be removed at the discretion of the Clerks if you are deemed to be misusing the group.


The Guild uses a Facebook group both to advertise our own events to the membership, but also other City and Livery events – this is also where you’ll find most of our photos from banquets or other events, so make sure you sign up to see everything we’re up to!
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Our Other Content…

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